UAB “Romerta” - A Legacy of Excellence in Taxi Services

From its establishment in 1996 until the end of its operations, UAB “Romerta” stood as a beacon of excellence and reliability in the taxi service industry of Vilnius. As one of the capital's first taxi operators, Romerta distinguished itself with a fleet exclusively comprised of Mercedes Benz vehicles, celebrated for their spaciousness, comfort, and immaculate condition. The annual renewal of their fleet ensured passengers always experienced the latest in luxury and comfort.

Fleet and Maintenance Excellence

Romerta's unique feature was its in-house maintenance facility, a rarity among Vilnius taxi companies. This facility ensured meticulous upkeep and regular updates of the fleet, guaranteeing the highest standard of passenger service.

Commitment to Fairness and Transparency

Romerta maintained the highest standards of fairness and transparency, vigilantly monitoring its vehicles to prevent any unauthorized fare-increasing devices. This responsible approach allowed it to offer fair pricing without hidden fees, earning the trust and loyalty of its clientele.

Operational Excellence and Innovation

The company was known for its ability to efficiently serve a large volume of passengers, often ensuring wait times of less than ten minutes. Romerta also offered flexible service contracts for corporate clients, streamlining the billing process and providing convenient solutions for business needs. This approach demonstrated Romerta's flexibility and commitment to satisfying diverse customer needs.

While UAB “Romerta” no longer operates, its legacy continues as a standard for quality, innovation, and impeccable customer service in the heart of Vilnius. The story of Romerta is a testament to its dedication to setting the highest standards in passenger experience, cementing a legacy of trust and excellence among the citizens of Vilnius.